The Dark is Rising - Readathon-Reflections

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New Adventures, Darker Themes. The Dark is rising and the Greenwitch is key

I have to admit that when it comes to bizarre traditions as well as customary traditions i am a big fan and am always interested to read or in some cases interact ( i have been to Stonehenge at the Summer Solecist although i would like to point out that i am not a Druid). My experiences during this readathon so far have been fantastic i have to say, everyone is really enthusiastic about the books and the story they tell. I have also enjoyed reading all the blogs that people have been producing and hope that mine is as good as well.

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Over Sea, Under Stone - Reactions, Reflections

Peter Hutchinson

I started reading Over Sea, Under Stone on December 1st with a huge amount of anticipation and i was not disappointed. I had forgotten how wonderful and mysterious the first novel is it also borough back some fond memories. I often went on holiday in my youth to Cornwall or Yorkshire and spent many a day exploring strange houses and exploring countryside that seemed so ancient and strange, it truly was a magical time.

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