The Dark is Rising - Readathon-Reflections

Before the dark rises - On reading this again

Peter Hutchinson

While i was browsing through the fantasy faction book discussion i came upon a thread discussing a readathon of a certain fantasy series: The Dark is Rising my mind went dark for a moment and then i was transported...

The Dark is rising by Susan Cooper is one of the classic fantasy series aimed at children and young adults (it can easily be enjoyed by adults as well) it depicts a struggle between the light and the dark, weaving Arthurian Legends, Celtic Mythology and Norse Mythology. It features ordinary as well as magical children who learn of extraordinary destiny's...

This series was one that enthralled me as a child, it transported me to far alternate worlds, it showed me magic contained in trees and the extraordinary within the ordinary, there was nothing else like it. I have never read it again since i was that young and now a wonderful opportunity has presented itself to me (huzzah!)

I will be participating in the annual readathon of The Dark is rising sequence and providing a blog for the readathon as well. Let me know how you would like the format for the blog as i am keen for as many people to be involved with this, this is a truly excellent series worthy of your attention.

Be warned the Dark is rising and the Old Ones are returning.

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