The Dark is Rising - Readathon-Reflections

From a Seaside Holiday to a epic dangerous world - Re Reading The Dark is Rising

Peter Hutchinson

First of all i would like to apologise that this blog is late. I have become a bit absorbed in reading Greenwich the next book in the sequence and have become a bit obsessed with all things Star Wars. As a quick side note has anyone seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Trust me its amazing!!

Right on to the subject of The Dark is Rising...the book where the Dark is Rising sequence goes from a seaside holiday to a epic, dangerous and ancient adventure story. This was one of my favourite books when i was a child and it opened up my mind to the fantastic and to worlds outside of time. Reading this again has been a real experience for me and i have loved every second of it.

The story follows a boy called Will Stanton whose 11th birthday is approaching on Midwinters Day, on a trip from his house Will notices something very strange is happening with the animals they keep as well the animals in the woods (particular the Crows). He also notices a strange figure lurking in the woods who appears to be frightened of him greatly, needless to say Will finds this all very strange. Events come to ahead when Will falls asleep on Midwinters Eve and upon hearing a strange music is transported to world out of time and meets Meriman Lyon and the old lady, after finding John Smith and encountering the rider for the first time.

Will learns from Meriman and the old lady of his destiny, that he is the last to be born with the power of the Old Ones and that he will be the sign seeker to find the Things of Power to aid the light agains the dark. What follows is Will's quest to find the signs and well as gaining his powers of an Old One and his struggle to come to terms with all of this. This is a epic story and it is simply not to be missed i absolutely love Susan Cooper's writing in this novel that simply makes Will's world come alive and seem like it really could be happening down the street from you. This is one of my favourite novels of the sequence simply because of how the story unfold and we learn more of the machinations of the dark as well the light in true epic fantasy style.

Cooper writes a with a great style that is truly gripping and allows the world to unfold that she is slowly revealing to the reader, i especially love Will's first interaction with Hawkin as he becomes such an important character as well as Meriman's prophecy and the old lady's proclamation are worthy of anything within the fantasy genre as being really awe inspiring. That's all for now, hope that everyone is enjoying the readathon regardless of where you have got too in the series and may i take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as well.

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