The Dark is Rising - Readathon-Reflections

New Adventures, Darker Themes. The Dark is rising and the Greenwitch is key

Peter Hutchinson

I have to admit that when it comes to bizarre traditions as well as customary traditions i am a big fan and am always interested to read or in some cases interact ( i have been to Stonehenge at the Summer Solecist although i would like to point out that i am not a Druid). My experiences during this readathon so far have been fantastic i have to say, everyone is really enthusiastic about the books and the story they tell. I have also enjoyed reading all the blogs that people have been producing and hope that mine is as good as well.

Anyway on to Greenwitch a novel that embraces strange traditions as well as deepening the story of The Dark Is Rising. It begins with the theft of the Cornwall Grail found by the Drew children in Over Sea, Under Stone, they resolve to retrieve it and with Will Stanton and Meriman Lyon accompanying them back to Trewessick where they believe it has been taken. The novel is dominated by a strange event that the village fisherman and women take part in, the building and giving to the sea of the Greenwitch. Jane Drew is invited to this event and upon seeing the Greenwitch being built she wishes that it could be happy, this proves to be a perilous wish to make that has it's own consequences in the battle between light and dark.

I found "The painter" to be a strange character who is identified as the agent of the dark very quickly by Will and Meriman although the are unsure what he is really up to. Th story quickly becomes a quest for the missing case that the Drew Children lost in OSUS as well the grail and this has enormous consequences for the battle between the light and dark. While we found out more in TDIR about the dark, Greenwitch is a novel where we find out more about the light, its champions and what they are capable of. We also meet Captain Toms, the elusive character from OSUS who is as it turns out is an Old One as well and has his own part to play in this particular adventure.

My favourite part is when Meriman and Will go under the sea to Tethys realm and attempt to bargain with her to meet and talk to the Greenwitch to reclaim it's secret. This scene really shows the depth of Susan Cooper's writing skills as this is a beautifully described chapter in the novel. I love the rivalry between Simon and Will as well as it provides light relief from the main action of the book and shows off the two sides of Will's character (the young boy ad the old one) . The slow realisation of the Drew Children about Will is a marvellous almost book long mystery that they attempt to solve again providing light relief. This is one of my favourite novels of the sequence as it embraces darker themes as well the characters developing, it shows a side of the dark we have not seen before as well.

May i take this opportunity to wish all in this readathon a very Merry Christmas as well.

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