The Dark is Rising - Readathon-Reflections

Over Sea, Under Stone - Reactions, Reflections

Peter Hutchinson

I started reading Over Sea, Under Stone on December 1st with a huge amount of anticipation and i was not disappointed. I had forgotten how wonderful and mysterious the first novel is it also borough back some fond memories. I often went on holiday in my youth to Cornwall or Yorkshire and spent many a day exploring strange houses and exploring countryside that seemed so ancient and strange, it truly was a magical time.

I am really enjoying the re read so far, although my favourite characters have yet to appear i am really enjoying the Drew children's discovery of magic and the legend of King Arthur and King Mark. The sinister agents of the dark have been introduced and the novel really opens up from here.

Anyway, this is a very short entry and as i must simply must get back to reading Over Sea, Under Stone.

That's all for now. Happy reading.

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